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Newcastle Gamers – Saturday 12 January 2013

Saturday saw the first Newcastle Gamers session of the year, so it seems as good a time as any to write my first gaming session report. And what a session.

I’d made prior arrangements with Olly and John S to have a crack at High Frontier. It’s a game of space flight and exploitation of the natural resources of the solar system. A game of high technology and high risks. A game where water is both currency and rocket fuel. And it’s a game of ridiculous complexity. Take a look at the game board:

Photo by Olly

I think my brain got decommissioned during an aerobrake manoeuvre

Yep, that’s the inner solar system, but not as you might know it. The lines are possible paths that your rocket can take, burning fuel if it changes course or passes through a particularly gravity-ridden stretch of space. The object of the game is to prospect various sites (the black hexagons on the board) for minerals, and then build factories on your successful prospecting claims. These factories can then build more advanced rocket technologies, enabling you to explore and exploit further, faster or more efficiently. Or maybe even all three. Continue reading