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My Gaming Year So Far

As we hit the beginning of May, I feel oddly compelled to mark this point with a round-up of what I’ve been doing game-wise through the first third of 2013. So, without further preamble, I present my plays from 1/1/13 to 30/4/13, as logged on BoardGameGeek. First, the games I played with other actual living, breathing humans:

  • Pandemic: 8 (twice with the purple virus from On the Brink)
  • Hive: 4
  • Loopin’ Louie: 4 (this is grossly inaccurate – the actual number is more like 40 or 400)
  • Hanabi: 3
  • Keyflower: 3
  • Age of Industry: 2
  • Dominion: 2 (oddly, both times with the Cornucopia expansion)
  • Le Havre: The Inland Port: 2
  • Hey, That’s My Fish!: 2
  • Myrmes: 2
  • Power Grid: 2 (1 with Brazil, 1 on the Russia board)
  • Snowdonia: 2 (both playtests of expansion scenarios)
  • Survive: Escape from Atlantis!: 2 (1 with Giant Squid, Dolphin and Dive Dice expansions)
  • Agricola: 1
  • The Castles of Burgundy: 1
  • Catan: Junior: 1
  • Eclipse: 1
  • Elder Sign: 1
  • Eminent Domain: 1
  • Fearsome Floors: 1
  • Galaxy Trucker: 1
  • High Frontier: 1
  • K2: 1
  • King of Tokyo: 1
  • Light Speed: 1
  • Make You Gunfighters: 1
  • Panic Lab: 1
  • Pastiche: 1
  • Pergamon: 1
  • Power Grid: Factory Manager: 1
  • Québec: 1
  • RoboRally: 1
  • Spectaculum: 1
  • Ticket to Ride: 1
  • Tsuro: 1
  • UNO: 1 (I know, I know… the kids wanted to)
  • Würfel Bohnanza: 1

And then the solo games:

  • Friday: 12
  • Onirim: 8
  • Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-?: 5
  • Thunderbolt Apache Leader: 5
  • Rallytaire: 4
  • Suburbia: 4
  • Mage Knight Board Game: 3
  • Agricola: 2
  • K2: 2
  • Utopia Engine: 2
  • Bios: Megafauna: 1
  • Space Empires: 4X: 1

Wow. I’ve clearly spent a lot of time on my own.

So what does all this tell me? I’ve been spreading myself around a bit. I’d like to concentrate a little on a few games, to get to know them deeper. I need to get in more plays of Snowdonia, Age of Industry, Galaxy Trucker, Hive and (especially) Agricola. They’re all great games that I’d like to be better at. I also need to give Le Havre: The Inland Port more plays; I’m almost scared of suggesting it to people, given how achingly dry it is, but I have enjoyed it on the two occasions it’s been out.

One thing I haven’t been logging is all the Castles of Burgundy activity I’ve been putting in on Boîte à Jeux. I’ve had twelve two-player games against Newcastle Gamers regular Olly (Olly 7 / me 5), with a thirteenth on the boil right now. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be burning to get more face-to-face CoB action, but my estate-building itch is satisfied with the digital version for now. It’s had the side-effect of me starting to look at other Stefan Feld games, and with Trajan hitting an all-time low price on Amazon UK today, it might be time to dip my toes further into the Feldian waters. Mind you, Bora Bora looks like good fun…

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